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united... in step in tune in sync

Tango Unlimited is run by professional Argentinean Tango dancers and teachers Guillermo Torrens and Maria Maragaki.  Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, they promote authentic Argentinean Tango in the UK but also abroad. Maria and Guillermo work with individuals and groups of all levels.

Tango is a way of expressing feelings, depicting life experiences and interpreting stories.  The main characteristic of the Tango Unlimited teaching method is to combine the best dance techniques with personal expression. By balancing demanding techniques with the fun and simplicity of dancing socially, Maria and Guillermo encourage their students to enjoy dancing Tango without getting hung up on counting steps.
The social side of this dance culture is an important part of the fun/learning experience.  Their students are invited to Milongas, special Tango social events where they can meet up with friends and make new ones, all united in their love of Tango. 

Maria and Guillermo won two LUKAS awards both years 2011 and 2012 in the categories: "Tango Performers Of The Year" and "Tango Teachers Of The Year" (2011) and "Tango Performers Of The Year" and "Tango Teachers Of The Year" (2012).